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REBELS AGAINST ROME: 400 Years of Rebellions Against the Rule of Rome, my 45th book believe it or not, is being published in the US by Turner Publishing on January 31, and a little later in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, in hardback, paperback and e-book.

I want to especially thank my good friend Dr. Terry J. Hannan for his excellent Foreword, which includes: “Dando-Collins provides brilliant insight into the way the Roman Empire dealt with the cancer of revolt.”

Advance reviews are staring to come in, including this from Major Dan at History & Headlines, “A pleasure, much like reading a novel… We highly recommend it.”

Like so many of my works, it was a book I always expected someone else to write, but in 2000 years no one has. Amazing, really. The stories of these rebels tell us so much about the Roman Empire, though an entirely different lens. For a change, they are no longer a side bar to history, they are history itself. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I enjoyed putting it on paper, and screen.

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