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In the middle of a pandemic comes the inspiring tale about a leader who survived an assassination attempt as a child, survived the scourge of domination by a foreign power as a young man, survived battle after battle as an adult as he led his people to freedom via rebellion, and built the greatest empire known to that time.  The only non Jew described in the Old Testament as ‘anointed by God,’ Cyrus the Great even influenced the US Bill of Rights, and was touted as a great figure by both the 20th century Shah of Iran and the president of the Islamic Republic that toppled the Shah. Some Christian evangelicals have even favorably compared US President Donald Trump with Cyrus, and I’m grateful to Professor David Richter of the City University of New York for penning an Afterword in my book that deals with that comparison in a most scholarly manner. Available in the US on July 14 and in the UK and Australia on July 30, in hardback, paperback and e-book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie-Bound, and all other good booksellers.

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