Book Cover: Tycoon's War: How Cornelius Vanderbilt Invaded a Country to Overthrow America's Most Famous Military Adventurer

'A terrific read! Like a screenplay treatment for a hell of a movie.' WALL STREET JOURNAL, US

'Well written history - it reads like drama.' HISTORY IN REVIEW, US

'Highly recommended.' MAGILL BOOK REVIEW, US

'This interesting book will amaze you!' THE LONE STAR, US

'A gem of a tale.' AUGUSTA METRO SPIRIT, US

'One incredible story of adventurism gone wild.' CHARLESTON POST & COURIER, US

'Dando-Collins' efficient prose sweeps the reader along through the misadventure.' PROVIDENCE JOURNAL, US

Written by a master storyteller, Tycoon's War is the remarkable account of an epic imperialist duel — a violent battle of the capitalist, Cornelius Vanderbilt, America's richest man, versus the American adventurer, William Walker, and his army of American mercenaries.

It's Vanderbilt the streetwise, stop-at-nothing misogynist versus Walker the charismatic, racist psychopath. It's money versus ambition, and a monumental clash of egos, that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans and Central Americans caught up in the bitter war.

This incredible true story — impeccably researched and never before told in full—is packed with greed, intrigue, and some of the most hair-raising battle scenes ever written.

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