Book Cover: Caesar the War Dog 4: Operation Green Parrot

'A thrilling ride... It's high sensory feel will have younger readers wanting to discover Caesar's other adventures.' JAQUELYN MULLER, Jaquelyn Muller Books, Vic

'Dando-Collins makes young readers feel like they are learning about serious world issues. He challenges them to think. And aside from that, Dando-Collins entertains, surprises and thrills his readers.' WESTERN ADVOCATE, NSW

Everyone's favorite canine hero is back in an exciting new adventure—perfect for young readers who love adventure, animal tales, and military stories

After the brother of Mexican crime lord Carlos Marron—known as El Lorro Verde, or the Green Parrot—is killed when a rival gang sets off a car bomb in San Antonio, Texas, Carlos sees on TV that the now world-famous explosive detection dog Caesar has found a second bomb at the scene. Carlos orders his inept subordinates to kidnap the dog so that Caesar can protect him from future bombs. When Ben leaves Caesar in quarantine in Texas, the gang swoops.

Now, Ben, Charlie, and the GRRR team have to locate and rescue Caesar in Mexico, in the middle of a deadly crime cartel war.

Prior to writing this book, Stephen spent time in Mexico, tracing out Caesar's travels there, and did extensive research on the Mexican crime cartels.

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