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By coincidence, out of the blue last week I was contacted by Brian Kenning of Washington DC. In the late 1970s Brian was a member of the crew of Robert Stigwood’s super-yacht ‘Sarina.’ That’s Stigwood aboard one of his yachts in the picture – with thanks to Scott Stallard of Bermuda for the photograph. Brian shared a lot of memories of time he spent with Robert aboard ‘Sarina,’ from the night Mick Jagger fell down the stairs into the engine room, to Robert sitting on the aft deck in the middle of a storm and laughing as everyone else aboard was violently seasick, to Robert flashing a blank cheque from Diana Ross – Brian has no idea what it was for. Ron Stigwood and I will be sharing more memories of Stiggy next Saturday at the Tamar Valley Writers Festival a 2.00 pm. And at 12.45 pm on Sunday I’ll be talking about my new WWI book ‘Heroes of Hamel.’

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