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Caligula The Mad Emperor of Rome hit US bookstores on July 30. Amazon rated it their #1 new release in the Roman biography category. The website made it their ‘Book of the Month.’ On, in a second rave review, Ralph Benko described it as ‘a small masterpiece.’ Supporting Professor Lee Frantantuono’s  glowing assessement of the book, Professor John R. Hale of Louisville University describes it as ‘a far more three-dimensional portrait’ than past books on Caligula. Manda Scott, bestselling author and former president of the Historical Writers Association of the UK said that it reads more like a thriller than a biography.  Meanwhile, History News Network ran an article from me in which I juxtaposed Caligula and President Donald Trump – a subject I discuss in the book’s last chapter because so many pundits and commentators have made the comparison. Is the comparison warranted? Read the book to see my view on that.

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