Book Cover: The Great Fire of Rome: The Fall of the Emperor Nero and His City

'Political intrigue... and a grand human drama.' WASHINGTON POST, US

'Dando-Collins energetically recreates the days leading up to the fire, the conflagration itself, and the subsequent decline of Nero's fortunes.' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, US

'A valuable and informative account.' El Pais, Madrid, Spain

'A must-read for anyone interested in the politics of Rome.' COLLECTED MISCELLANY, US

'An excellent corrective to myth and a good introduction to 1st century Roman history.' REFERENCE AND RESEARCH BOOK NEWS, US

'A clear-headed, intelligent look at what sort of man the last Caesar seems really to have been.' INFODAD.COM, US

'A page turner. Brilliantly written, and highly recommended.' KINGMAN DAILY MINER, US 

On the night of July 19, AD 64, a fire began beneath the stands of Rome's great stadium, the Circus Maximus. For more than a week the fire spread, engulfing most of the city and nearly burning it to the ground. With its capital in ruins, Rome's powerful empire teetered on the edge of collapse as Nero struggled desperately to save his empire…and his skin.

In The Great Fire of Rome, Dando-Collins takes readers through the streets of ancient Rome, where unrest simmers, and into the imperial palace, where political intrigue seethes, relating a pot-boiler of a true story filled with fascinating historical characters who will determine the course of an empire.

It's an unforgettable human drama that brings ancient Rome and the momentous events of 64 AD scorchingly to life, with a few myths corrected along the way.


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