Book Cover: Legions of Rome: The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion

'The single most visually attractive book on the legions to appear in the English language in a hundred years... A magnificent summation to his work as the legions' foremost living historian.' ARTS AND LETTERS MONTHLY, US

'(Dando-Collins is) a noted historian of Rome's ancient armies.' EDWARD T. OAKES, First Things, The Institute on Religion and Public Life, New York City, US

'Bestselling expert author Stephen Dando-Collins has written ten books about ancient Rome, and is considered a world authority on Rome's legions.' FNAC ECOMMERCE, France

'Outstanding... I recommend this book for both its relevance as an overview and its readability.' Major Chris Buckham, THE MILITARY REVIEWER, UK

'600 pages stuffed with meticulous research and engaging narrative.' CURLED UP WITH A GOOD BOOK, US

'Illuminate(s) details of Roman history seldom found elsewhere.' Bryan Caswell, CONCERNING HISTORY, US



The complete history of every Imperial Roman legion and what it achieved as a fighting force, by an award-winning historian.

In this landmark publication, Stephen Dando-Collins does what no other author has ever attempted to do: provide a complete history of every Imperial Roman legion.

Based on thirty years of meticulous research, he covers every legion of Rome in rich detail.

In the first part of the book, the author provides a detailed account of what the legionaries wore and ate, what camp life was like, what they were paid, and how they were motivated and punished.

Part two examines the histories of all the legions that served Rome for three hundred years starting in 30 BC.

The book's final section is a sweeping chronological survey of the campaigns in which the armies were involved, told from the point of view of the legions.

Featuring more than 150 maps, photographs, diagrams and battle plans, Legions of Rome is an essential read for ancient history enthusiasts, military history experts and general readers alike.

Available in UK, US, Spanish and Russian editions.

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